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A community for all intimate forms of diety work

This journal contains content only suitable for those over the age of 18.

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Name:God Owned
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A community for intimate forms of godwork
This is a community for all those who work with the gods on an intimate level; this includes god-spouses, slaves, and consorts. We also welcome avatars and devotees. Please note that 'intimate' is the requirement. Be advised that this is *not* a community for more casual workings, although we welcome those who have questions about who were are are what we do.

Also, please note that this community contains a number of adult concepts, and although we do ask that everyone keep things in good taste, this is not a place for children; we will reject your membership if we do not feel you can maturely handle the topics that we speak on or about.

Your mods here are (will be) Adnarel, Tidal,Youngsoulrebel, and Kizzy, although there may eventually be more.

The rules here are simple. Please read them.

1) Respect that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and also respect that your pathwork may be very different from someone else's.

2) Treat everyone how you would want to be treated. Just because this is the Internet doesn't mean you can be rude to people. On the other hand, this is a serious community, and if you come in with epic amounts of cotton stuffing, expect our members to question your ideas with a pretty firm hand. We take our dedication very seriously, and you should, too. Usually, it's not something to laugh about.

3) We will not tolerate harassment or discrimination in this community. Make sure you respect peoples chosen pronouns. Swearing is fine in moderation, but toilet language is not. Remember that. Also, disagreement does not mean harassment, if it is done calmly and in an adult manner. We are "weird" by many people's standards, so it's expected that there will be controversy. If you feel that you cannot calmly respond to something in this community, with at least a modicum of rationality, simply do not respond at that time.

4) Keep in mind that some people in this community have lifestyles that are pretty much chosen for them by the entities that they work with, while some are more free. Just because someone's lifestyle differs from yours does not mean that they are somehow less deserving or more deserving of respect. Respect these lifestyles as different and the people associated with them; you might just learn something. Never insult a person's god-spouse, teacher, patron, etc. It's just rude, and might not be a smart move, anyway.

5) All pictures MUST be behind a cut. Not everyone is on high-speed Internet, and it is disrespectful of their time if they must spend 2 hours waiting for your post to load.

6) You may never violate DW's terms of abuse. You will be promptly banned from this community and reported.

And, most importantly:

7) Have fun! If we cannot laugh at ourselves, then what really is the point?


A note from your maintainers:

While the large majority of people who work intimately with Deity are pagan or otherwise non-Abrahamic, there has been a resurgence of mysticism in Abrahamic religions, as well as new mysticism among Otherkin. Such people are welcome here as well, as long as they are willing to be open, respectful and willing to share with others from diverse backgrounds; the reverse is also true for said pagans. The key here is communication, honesty, and respect, all of which are things that every being deserves unless they prove otherwise through their actions.
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